with cable

All campus residential college rooms are provided with internet access (red connection).

Tip: Use this connection because the connection quality is always better than WiFi!

You can, for example, use databases in the HS Library WITHOUT the VPN client that it otherwise necessary externally.

Please comply with current legal provisions, particularly copyright! Use your connection appropriately – all students in the residential college share the network.

ZIMT can provide support if you have any difficulties accessing the residential college network. Use the ticket system to contact the centre.

Please carefully read the instructions on the websites first!

Please inform us of anything that is incorrect or unclear – we will improve it promptly!

with WiFi

The Greifswald Student Union financed the full-coverage residential college WiFi system (since June 2018).
Private routers impair the quality of the WiFi network – please follow the instructions for routers in the residential college network.


WiFi in the dorm

WiFi in the dorm

WiFi in the dormitory – set up Eduroam