Guest WIFI

WIFI and campus network

Which networks are there?


You can access the campus network at the PC workstations, e.g. in the HS library or in the PC pools. Here you log on to a PC with your user name and password and can then use all the corresponding functions/programs as well as the Internet.
You can use the WLAN network eduroam to connect your WLAN-enabled device to the Internet on campus (including residence halls).
WLAN networks:

  • eduroam (usable for all HS members and other institutions participating in eduroam).
  • Guest-WLAN for guests
  • RDnet for special devices

    WLAN is available in/at:
  • Lecture halls
  • Foyers/hallways with workstations
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Music rooms
  • Workshop

Building 1
   LG1: 118, 219, 318, 417, corridor OG4 in front of 422
   LG3: 160, 267, 269, 363
   LG4: in front of 269, in front of 284, cafeteria, 'old' library, corridor, lecture halls, multimedia center, back guard

Building 2 - Room: 125, 104, 114, 220, 211, 233, 318, 304, 326, 0.23, 0.42, 0.45, 0.56
Clamping field, optics lab, surveying hallway, lecture halls, environmental bibo.

Building 3 - Room: 103, 125, 117, 224, 303, 325, 313.1, 202, 233, 317
Glass box


How do I get access to a network?


All university members (employees, students, etc.) can use access to the Internet (free of charge) for private notebooks and PCs via the connection to the university network. For this purpose, the PC technology must meet certain hardware requirements and the devices must be configured accordingly. You can find out how to set up your technology and have it activated for the desired network on the following pages. You can register your devices for the campus network, the WLAN Eduroam and for the dormitory network. Simply select the corresponding menu on the left side of the page.