Print Copy Scan

Printer Locations

University Library 2 Devices

Building 1 Room 237:  3 Devices (1 colour)

Building 2 Room 217: 1 Device


Printing Costs:

A4 single-sided b+w:    € 0.05, double-sided € 0.10

A3 single-sided b+w:    € 0.10, double-sided € 0.20

A4 single-sided colour:    € 0.15, double-sided € 0.30

A3 single-sided colour:    € 0.30, double-sided € 0.60

Scanning Costs

A4|A3-colour|b+w per page € 0.02 


Printing with QPilot - Basics

The procedure for a printing job within the system is as follows:

After a printing job has been sent from a client PC it enters the print queue on the print server. This is where the print job is held and the costs are calculated for the print job.

Information about the print jobs can be obtained via a web client.

To print the job, the University Card needs to be inserted into the terminal next to the multifunctional device (photocopier/printer). The print jobs that are in the queue and can be assigned to the card are then shown on the terminal’s display. If a print job has been selected and printing has been authorised by clicking on ‘Enter’, the costs for the print job will be debited from your card and the print job will be printed on the multifunctional device. After the job has been printed successfully, the costs are compared with the number of pages from the multifunctional device and deducted from the account. If there is a fault with the multifunctional system during the printing of the print job, only the pages that have been printed will be debited from your card. 

Printing at the PC Lab and own Devices

You can send a print job to the central printers from all of the workstations equipped with a PC. These print jobs can be printed out at all of the central printers. 

There is a maximum period of 10 days between sending the print job to the printer and printing. 


Printing from your Own Devices and USB Storage Devices

It is also possible to use your university account to print documents from both a USB storage device and from all devices (even your own) that are connected to the internet.

Detailed instructions below: 

Printing from a USB Storage Device

  1. Please insert the Card into the terminal and select: ‘Kopieren&Scannen&USB-Druck’ (Copy&Scan&USB Printing)
  2. Insert the USB storage device into the USB port on the left-hand side of the photocopier/printer. The storage device will be read.
  3. Select the desired file. Only PDF and JPG files can be printed. Select the required files.
  4. If the ‘I’ is flashing on the top right of the screen, please change the paper tray by touch.
  5. Click on *Start* to start printing.

If a print job cannot be printed, this might be due to various reasons.

  • Error code 4011 / The file was not printable or faulty Error code
  • 4021 or 4121 / The job was cancelled because the credit balance on the card was insufficient or the University Card was removed too early


Printing from your Own Devices

  1. Start a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or similar)
    Enter the following into the address bar: or click on the print symbol on our homepage.
    You will reach the Qpilot user service.
  2. Please sign-in with your university account.
  3. From the list of services, select ‘mobilePrint’.
  4. You can now upload e.g. a DOCX or PDF file from your own computer/tablet/smartphone or simply use drag&drop to place the file in the corresponding box.
  5. A check mark will appear on the left-hand side if no problem occurred during upload.
  6. This file will now be available for printing at the University’s and University Library’s printers for the next 10 days.

Error Messages and Problems whilst Photocopying/Printing

UAS Neubrandenburg does not provide warranty for printing and photocopying services. Therefore, if any problems or faults occur, please contact the Canon Deutschland University Services GmbH.

For reimbursement of printing costs, please write an email, with a short description of the problem and your bank details, to the following contact person:

Marco Zappe
Tel.: +49 162 1060773

You can contact one of the following persons at the University if you need any help with this service or any faults arise:

At the University Library and in Building 1: Mr. Hecht, Mr. Heiden and Mr. Lembke   in Building 2:  Mr. Dumann 

Delete Card’ or ‘Blocked Card’

*Gesperrt (blocked)* card or *Löschkarte (Delete Card)* displayed on the terminal during payment procedure

The transaction with your card was not completed properly.

Go to a photocopier/printer and insert your card into the reader. It is important to use THE CARD READER that you used when the transaction was not completed properly.

If you no longer know which of the terminals is the *right* one, insert your card into a reader. You will be shown which device you need to go to. 


Students can also pay for their photocopies or prints to be produced by the University’s Print and Copy Centre (Building 1, Room 133). 

Using the University’s Print and Copy Centre

Students can pay for the University’s Print and Copy Centre (Building 1, Room 133) to produce copies and prints of their documents (PDF).

The documents can be submitted

  • in paper form (formats A6 to A3)
  • as a file on a data storage device (USB storage device, CD-ROM)
  • as an attachment via email to (Please keep the file size in mind!)

Please note:

We recommend PDF format for digital documents. Documents can be converted to this format at all of the PC labs.

The printing and photocopying jobs will be produced using digital b+w and colour-photocopying technology in the paper formats A6 to A3 and up to a paper quality of 160g/m², and up to 205 g/m² if it is only a small number of copies.

The following services can also be provided: hole punching, binding, stapling, sorting, folding and guillotining.

Opening Hours:

Please make an appointment by phone:

Print Shop, Mr. Schmaling

+49 395 5693 - 1304