Change/reset your university login password.

"...Why - Why - why..."

All users of a university login should be able to change the password of their university account online or - in case of forgetting - to reset it. To do this, security rules must be followed to prevent your login from being compromised. This includes a 'media break'. That is, a mobile number is required as the 2nd medium so that we can send you an SMS with a verification code.

For students, we use the mobile number that is stored in the student record. For lecturers and staff: enter your mobile number yourself at (log in with the login -> mobile phone).

1 BIG important note: this has NOTHING to do with the portal for the applications. For this please


Screenshot Password reset and change the password

Requirements for the Forgotten Password Function

for students

The mobile phone number given in your application is entered in 'SB-Online'.
To check or correct this number, log on to and click on General Administration -> Contact Details -> Telephone and Fax Numbers.

TIP: Check this immediately! The password reset function can only be used if the mobile phone number is entered correctly.


In case you as a student have forgotten your password and the mobile phone number stored in SB-Online is incorrect:

Go to your programme advisor at the Enrolment and Examination Office and correct the number there. You can then use the function.

for employees/teachers/lecturers

Preliminary work - Enter/check your data NOW

In order to be able to use this function in the future, lecturers and staff must deposit a telephone number that is capable of receiving SMS.

TIP: Enter your mobile phone number in the database right now (all security precautions have been taken to protect this data - as well as all others, by the way).

Log in here with your university account: and enter your mobile phone number.

Note on data protection: Your mobile number is stored in the data record of your university account in accordance with data protection regulations.


Password change / reset

... for students, staff and lecturers

To change the password of your university account online, log in to the website with your user data. Under the menu item 'Change password' you have to enter your current password and then your new password twice. Please note (see also here):

At least 8, but no more than 12 characters.
Characters from at least three of the four following categories:

    Upper case letters from A to Z (no Ä Ö Ü)
    Lower case letters from a to z (no ä ö ü ß)
    digits from 0 to 9
    other characters, examples are: - # = . ! - _ + * ( )

NEVER use: $ " ' § ° ^ ß

Reset password procedure ... in pictures

[Translate to English:] Schritt 1: Account, Vorname, Nachname und ggf. Matrikelnummer eingeben
[Translate to English:] Schritt 2: Wenn korrekt, eine Information das Ihnen ein Verifikationsschlüssel gesendet wurde
[Translate to English:] Schritt 3: Sie erhalten eine SMS mit Zugangstoken
[Translate to English:] Schritt 4: Eingabe des Zugangstokens