PC pools at Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences

Central PC pools with different software equipment are operated by ZIMT:

House 1:

  • PC pool - 238
  • PC pool - 339
  • Multimedia-Pool 270

House 2:

  • PC pools - 215, 220, 230, 233, 235

House 3:

  • PC-Pool 313.1

These PC pools are available to students every day from Monday to Friday, except for the times when courses are held there (see occupancy schedules on the rooms or in the course catalog).

During the Corona pandemic, the regulations of the university's hygiene plan apply.

Additional PC workstations for students:

  • Internet and research workstations in the university library
  • PC pools of the study programs in the houses 1 and 2



PC pool opening hours

Lecture Time Monday 11:00 a.m. to 20:30 p.m.
  Tuesday - Thursday 08:00 h to 20:30 h
  Friday 08:00 o'clock to 17:30 o'clock
lecture-free period Monday 11:00 a.m. to 16:30 p.m.
  Tuesday - Thursday 08:00 h to 16:30 h
  Friday 08:00 o'clock to 13:30 o'clock

General instructions for use

  • The technical contact person is always the IT administrator responsible for the area; please clarify content-related problems with the lecturer.
  •  All PCs are located in the campus network, therefore a valid HS account is mandatory for logging in.

    In case of account problems/forgotten password or similar, please contact
    in the morning at the ZIMT in house 1 in room 286 (Lessner), 358 (Hecht) or 371 (Hagemann).

  •  Please store data only in the home drive! - Limitation: 1GB
  •  There are different possibilities for data exchange, which are explained here.

    For e-mail there is an additional 1 GB available on the mail server.

The allocation plans of the PC-Pools can be found in our LSF-System under the following URL




Regular maintenance

Every Monday, maintenance work on the central and decentralized computer technology of the HS Neubrandenburg takes place between 07:30 and 11:00. For this reason, all PC pools are only open from 11.00 am on Mondays.

Please also note the current news in the HS-Portal.

common start menu programs

Standardized programs are available campus-wide at the PC workstations at the university; they can be accessed via the Start menu.

It is possible to integrate department-specific network applications. This is already being used in the individual departments.


House 1 - Room 238


20 participant workstations & 1 instructor workstation


PC-Pool Room 238 House 1

PC-Pool Room 238 House 1

Software Vendor License/Number Seats  
Windows 7 SP 1 Microsoft Campus all  
Virus Scanner Sophos Campus all  
7-ZIP (64-bit) packing program   freeware all  
Internet Explorer Microsoft - all  
Firefox Browser Mozilla Freeware all  
Chrome Browser Google Freeware all  
Office Professional Microsoft Campus all  
Endnote Literature Management Clarivate Analytics Campus all  
Media Player Media Player Microsoft Campus all  
VLC Media Player DVD Player   Freeware all  
Flash Player ActivX + PlugIn Adobe Freeware all  
Shockwave PlugIn Adobe Freeware all  
Netman RDP-Client /64-Bit) Client for library research H+H Software GmbH Campus all  
Quicktime Player Mediaplayer Apple Inc. Freeware all  
SUN Java PlugIn Oracle Freeware all  
Audacity Sound Editing + Lame   Opensource all  
Visual C++ Redistributable Runtime Components for C++ Microsoft Freeware all  
Acrobat Reader DC PDF reader Adobe   all  
IrfanView32 image viewer   Freeware   all
PDF24 Creator PDF creation   Freeware all  
Notepad++ Freeware (Editor)   Freeware all  
Visual Basic CCE limited version only   Microsoft   all
USB DriveLetterManager USB DriveLetterManager   all    
SafeExameBrowser secured browser application   all    
SPSS Statistics + Smartviewer V. 19 IBM   all  
Career Strategies English (Business English)     all  
SAWTOOTH Questionnaire / Interview Sawtooth Technologies, Inc.   all  
Treeage Simulation   all    
ID DIACOS 7.05 Client medical. Software ID Information and Documentation in Healthcare GmbH & Co. KGaA   all  
Open-Office Office Apache Foundation Freeware all  
Photoshop Elements image editing Adobe Campus all  
Mindmanager Pro 6 Thoughts and Plans   all    
Grafstat 2018 questionnaire program   all    
Audition audio editing software Adobe   all  
CreativSuite Photoshop, Premiere Adobe   all  
Genograph family genogram     all  
Dreamweaver German (HTML editor) Adobe   all  
MAXQDA Data and Text Analysis VERBI GmbH   all  
Videograph Media Player Encoder   all    
PSPP Freeware (Statistics)     all  
GIF Animator GIF Animator Microsoft   all  
Windows Live Essential Moviemaker   all    
CDBurnerXP burning program (also ISO image)     all  
GIMP image editor   Opensouce all  
Printer driver: Toshiba e-STUDIO Color PS (from MS)        
Pedagogical network: iTALC        

PC Pool Room 235 House 2

Software Vendor License/Number Seats
Windows 10 Enterprise Microsoft MS Image all
AutoCAD 2017 Autodesk Campus License all
Inventor HSM Pro 2017 Autodesk Campus License all
GGU Software 1.16      
+standard software      

PC Pool Room 230 House 2

The following software is installed in the pool:

Software manufacturer license/number seats
Window 7 Pro Microsoft   all
ArcGIS 10.3 ESRI Campus license all
AutoCAD 2017 Autodesk Campus License all
Inventor HSM Professional 2017 Autodesk Campus License all
CameraMatch 2015.0.0.2 PanzerCAD Freeware all
Cinema 4D 17 Maxon 5 licenses 1 to 5
Creative Suite 6 Design Standard 35 licenses all  
Earth Pro 7.1 Google Freeware all
Kerkythea Solid Iris Tech Freeware all
Vectorworks 2016 Nemetschek 40 licenses all
R 2.12 The R Foundation Opensource all
Scetchup 2016 Google   all
Visio 2010 Microsoft MS Image all

PC Pool Room 220 House 2

Folgende Software ist installiert:

Software Vendor License/Number Seats
Windows 7 Enterprise Microsoft MS image all
Dataflor Buisiness 2016 Dataflor 25 licenses all
TortoiseGIT Community Opensource all
TortoiseSVN 1.7.5 Community Opensource all
VMware Olayer 5 VMware Freeware all
+standard software      

PC Pool Room 215 House 2

The following software is installed:

Software Vendor License/Number Seats
Windows 7 Enterprise Microsoft MS Imagine all
ArcGIS 10.3 ESRI Campus License all
AutoCAD 2017 Autodesk Campus License all
Earth Pro 7.1 Google Freeware all
GeoGenius 2000 Terrasat 10 licenses place 2 to 9
Geograf HHK 30 licenses all
GeoOffice V8.1 Leica 15 licenses all
Idrisi Selva Clark Labs 10 licenses all
Inventor HSM Professional 2017 Autodesk Campus License all
Nautical Solution 10.1 SP1 ESRI Campus License all
TortoiseGIT Community OpenSource all
TortoiseSVN 1.7.5 Community OpenSource all  
VMwarePlayer 5 Vmware Freeware all
+standard software