Center for Information and Media Technology

The ZIMT is a central institution of the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences, which emerged from the Multimedia Center and University IT-Center. The staff members are responsible for tasks of digital information processing, technical communication and for the use of new multimedia technologies in studies, teaching, research and administration.

The University Account

All students are given a university account for the duration of their studies which can be used for central PC equipment and online services. This account is issued by the Computer Centre at introductory sessions at the beginning of studies. The university account is deactivated automatically on deregistration and can no longer be used.



Webmail, E-Learning, SB-Online, Onlinesurveys ...


The Computer Centre runs central PC labs with varying software equipment. The PC Labs are located:

Building 1:

  • PC-Labs - R. 238 and R. 339
  • Multimedia-Lab R. 270 

Building 2:

  • PC-Labs - 215, 220, 230, 233, 235

Building 3:

  • PC-Lab 313.1