Cashless payment

You can make cashless payments with your Hochschul-Card. To be able to use the payment function, you must first load money onto your Hochschul-Card. You will find the card top-up machines in the foyer in front of the canteen and in the HS library. Once you have topped up a certain amount, the corresponding price will simply be debited from your card when you pay with your Hochschul-Card.

Card blocked?

Where can I pay with my Hochschul-Card?

You can use your Hochschul-Card to pay for food and drinks in the canteen and the cafeteria in House 1. You will also need it to carry out and pay for printing and copying jobs (see here) or to borrow books from the HS library.

How do I load money onto my University Card?

To top up your Hochschul-Card, insert it into the card slot of the top-up machine and load a certain amount of cash. The machine on the right in the canteen vestibule accepts notes up to 50 euros as well as 1 and 2 euro coins. You can top up your Hochschul-Card using your EC card or card payment function at the left-hand machine in the canteen vestibule. Once you have topped up your card, press the corresponding button on the display to confirm. Your Hochschul-Card will now be issued again with the amount you topped up. The machines in front of the cafeteria are operational during the opening hours of the cafeteria (Monday - Friday from 11 am to 2 pm), the machine in the university library is switched on during the opening hours of the library (university library website).

Tip: Do not load too much money onto your card at once, as the amount loaded will not be refunded if you lose your card.