password policy inside the university

A password policy is active for the university account. This password policy states 2 important points:

all university account users must change their password the first time they log in.

The password chosen must meet the security requirements.

For security requirements for passwords, see Help & Support > Security Information.

"Where danger grows, so does the saving."

Friedrich Hölderlin

Password-Examples and Suggestions

You can create a sample password with the following button:

How do I change the password???

  1. go to a PC pool at the university
  2. log in with your university account
  3. press *Alt-Ctrl-Del* and click on Change Password
  4. enter 1x the old password and 2x the new password
  5. DONE :-)

General information on the password structure

Passwords must be at least 8 characters long, but must not exceed 12 characters.

Passwords must contain characters from three of the four following categories:

Upper case letters from A to Z (no Ä Ö Ü)
Lower case letters from a to z (no ä ö ü ß)
digits from 0 to 9
other characters, examples are: - # = . ! - _ + * ( )

DO NOT use the following special characters: $ " ' §°^ß


[Translate to English:] Beispiele

The sentence:

A password is always secret!

leads to the following, hardly guessable

password: !1Pw=aS!

Another sentence: This is a new service for me!

Results in the password: TiaNS4m!

The password must not consist

  • from the login name (also not backwards, capitalised, double, etc.)
  • from the first or last name in any form, from the date of birth, nicknames.
  • General: Not from information directly related to the person, such as telephone number, ID card number, car number, house number, place of residence, street, etc.
  • from similar or consecutive numbers or letters.
  • Umlauts and special characters such as § $ " ' ° ^ ß may not be used.


The password should be:

not be easy to guess,

be easy to remember, so that it can be entered quickly and blindly, but cannot be grasped by other people, For example, it is good to form sentences, using the first letter of each word - mixed with the special characters used.


Be creative ...