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From 22.1.2019 13:00, eduroam access will only be possible with the current Telekom certificate. Recommendation: Delete the old connection, reinstall via the eduroam website.

To configure your mobile device (including laptops), follow the respective instructions - see below. The most common problem is the forgetting of (corresponds to forgetting the address on an envelope):


Tip 1: Via HS_GUEST_WLAN you can reach the university website and the website without authentication.

Tip 2: Here you can find the current certificate TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 20

Area coverage: Financed by central university finances, WLAN coverage of public campus areas such as lecture halls, seminar rooms, library, canteen & cafeteria, etc. is ensured.
There are no other funds available. However, you can make money available from your funds so that additional access points can be procured and maintained.

Financed by the Studierendenwerk Greifswald, WLAN is available in all dormitories on campus, eduroam can be used.

Instructions for frequently used operating systems

In case of a loss of a device with eduroam access ...

... please change the password of your university account as soon as possible.

Dates of the WLAN-network consultation hour

ZIMT can support you - beyond these instructions, within the scope of the possibilities - with the integration of your smartphone/laptop into the *Eduroam* WLAN of the university. We offer you consultation hours (see below).

However, please read the instructions on these websites carefully first! Tell us what you don't understand - we'll improve it immediately!

If necessary, please bring your device with you to the consultation hour.

Please refrain from enquiries outside the specified times.


- Educational Roaming -

Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences participates in the DFN service DFN Roaming.

Members of participating institutions can easily get WLAN access to the science network at all participating institutions without additional registration and at no cost - also in our university, as well as our HS members at other institutions.

eduroam works across borders - try it out at the place you visit! An overview of participating institutions (zoom if necessary): eduroam locations

Urgent tip: Set up devices at your home institution BEFORE YOUR TRAVEL!


Education Roaming (eduroam)


[WIKIPEDIA] ... is an initiative that provides employees and students of participating universities and organizations with Internet access at the sites of all participating organizations using their own username and password or a personal X.509 user certificate of a valid PKI ... wants to make possible.