Register device (wired)


To connect your device to the dorm network, it must meet the following requirements:

  • RJ45 Ethernet port in the PC/laptop or a suitable adapter.
  • Patch cable with RJ45 plugs on both sides (available in specialized shops)
  • Attention: If you hold the two plugs next to each other, the color sequence is identical! Do NOT use a cross-over cable! Here the color sequence of the 8 wires differs
  • valid HS account for online registration of the device


Setting up access to the dormitory network


Your device must be logged in and configured if necessary. Proceed as follows:

  1. Read out hardware address
    Instructions for Windows 7, 8 and 10
    Instructions for MacOS
  2. Login of the device in the university portal under the menu item 'WLAN/Dormitory-Net'. 
  3. Attention: in this menu now select the 'dormitory' in the upper bar;
  4. Add a new device (click on '+') and enter your hardware address (physical address).
    Acknowledge the end of use order and fill in 'valid until' - if you don't know your move out date yet with 'unlimited' (means: 'until the end of your studies');
  5. Wait for the activation of your device (usually on the next working day at the latest; first by the dormitory administration, then by ZIMT).
    You will receive information about this by e-mail.
  6. Further access data are not required! Your device may 'ask' you for the network type: 'Public' is a good choice, because now stricter security settings of the device-internal firewall apply;
  7. If no connection is established after connecting your device to the data socket, check:

- Network card activated?
- Speed/duplex auto/auto set?
- Cable OK?
- Device OK?
- Hardware address correct? Dis is the most common error...
- in the HS Portal your device is 'green'?

You can find further hints here.