Own WLAN router in the dormitory - if possible don't!


In the dormitories the WLAN eduroam is area-wide!
There is no reason to operate your own WLAN router, because these deteriorate the WLAN eduroam quality in the dormitory for all residents!
Technically, however, it works - for example, for devices that do not master the authentication procedure in WLAN eduroam. Please consider the following hints:

  • Reduce the transmission power to the lowest possible value, turn off the router when not in use.
  • If you need multiple network sockets: Use a hub/swich, or turn off WLAN at the router.
  • For an activation you need the router MAC address. You can find it on the device (sticker) or in the manual. Unfortunately, this is sometimes noted incorrectly, check it on the main page of the router - accessible via WLAN or cable even without an existing Internet connection (RTFM = read the fucking manual ;-)).

 For further assistance, please contact the manufacturer/vendor of your router or see the instructions on this page (S).