eduroam - Smartphone/Tablet with Android-System

The following steps have to be taken:

  1. Connect your kindle to your PC via USB cable.
  2. Create the directory ' certs' on the kindle.
  3. Download the Telesec-root certificate from the website to your PC (file name: rootcert.crt).
  4. Transfer the certificate from your PC to the certs directory on your kindle. The USB cable can now be disconnected.
  5. Open under 'Settings' -> 'Wireless' -> 'Wlan-Networks' -> 'Other' -> 'Advanced' to set up manually.
  6. Search for the extended entry 'Company', select the entries 'PEAP' and 'MSCHAPv2'.
  7. For Zeritifkat enter the name of the Zeritifkat 'rootcert.crt'.
  8. After entering Userid (incl.!) and password the connection should be established successfully.

If you have any problems, look in the WWW with the search terms 'eduroam' and 'kindle' for experiences of others.