eduroam - devices with Linux

Tux, the Linux mascot (original version by Larry Ewing)

Example Ubuntu 18/19 (pictures see bekow) - BSD see here

  1. Switch on WLAN, display overview of existing WLAN networks
  2. Select wlan_guests connect (if query comes: ' Public Network')
  3. Open your browser - take note of certificate error messages and continue anyway (e.g. 'Continue loading this website'...)
  4. If your browser does not automatically open the guest WLAN login page, please enter:
  5. Click the button 'ACCESS EDUROAM'.
  6. Follow the link 'Website
  7. Pre-selected are 'The University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg' and your operating system Linux
  8. Download file
  9. Open terminal, start this file, enter data;
  10. If necessary, briefly deactivate the WLAN -> activate; now you are connected to the WLAN eduroam :-)

Illustrated manual

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