manual setup - only for experienced users...

Even if your mobile device is not configurable with the above mentioned instructions (e.g. an old Android cannot load the APP 'eduroamCAT') there is hope! For example for devices (with) Android 2.1, 2.2, FairPhone 1 with Android 4.2.2rt, Blackberry Leap (produced since 4/2015). Come to our WLAN consultation hour!

If minimum technical requirements are met, a secure connection to eduroam is often still possible through the following configuration (only for experienced users):

  1.     Bring the Telekom root certificate to the phone and activate it;
  2.     Establish WLAN connection to eduroam;
  3.     Select MSCHAPV2 AND protected EAP (PEAP);
  4.     Select certificate - WLAN function;
  5.     Enter user data (for name: INCLUSIVE;

Come to our WLAN consultation hour!

ATTENTION: After manual configuration, check that

  •     both encryption methods and
  •     the certificate

are active. If this is not the case, your access data can be seen with the simplest means...

Here you can find an illustrated manual for Andrid mobile phones manual setup.