Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang

seit 2013: Professorin für Sozialarbeitswissenschaft an der Hochschule Neubrandenburg



Professorin für Theorien und Methoden Sozialer Arbeit an der Dualen Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart

Gastprofessorin an der Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin

Promotion zu den Lebenswelten wohnungsloser Mädchen und junger Frauen an der Universität Osnabrück, Fachbereich Erziehungs- und Kulturwissenschaften

Lehraufträge u.a. an der FH Fulda, FH Frankfurt/M., Universität Osnabrück

Promotionsstipendium der Heinrich Böll Stiftung

Promotionsstudium an der Universität Kassel

Studium an der Universität/Gesamthochschule Kassel, Fachbereich Sozialwesen, Abschluss als Dipl.Sozialpädagogin/Sozialarbeiterin

Weiterer beruflicher Werdegang (Auswahl)

Gemeinwesenorientierte Jugendarbeit im öffentlichen Raum, Kinder- und Jugendbeteiligung, Moabiter Ratschlag e.V., Berlin


Wohnungslosen- und Straffälligenhilfe, Soziale Hilfe, Kassel:

Notschlafstelle, Tagesaufenthaltstelle, Fundraising und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit


Beratung und Betreuung von (drogenabhängigen) Prostituierten, Kassel


Mitgründerin des Mädchenhaus Kassel e.V.


Wohnungslosenhilfe, Simon Communitiy, Glasgow, Schottland


Stationäre Jugendhilfe, heilpädagogisches Kinderheim Oberotterbach e.V., Weisenheim am Sand


Areas of Expertice

Homelessness/ young homeless
Low-threshold services
Community Work
Reconstructive qualitative research
Social exclusion
Gender Studies/gender perspectives

Academic biography

I have had a close involvement with the world of social work throughout my professional life.
One of my strengths is the thread running through my career which has combined practical on-the-ground social work with teaching and in-depth research into often-neglected fields of study. 

I am a social worker with experience of working with homeless adults and young people, drug addicts and female sex workers. Later I expanded my role into fundraising, public relations and awareness–raising activities. I was also involved in a community youth work project in public urban places such as the Alexanderplatz in Berlin.
In parallel, I did a pre-doctoral course in research and scientific methodology at the University of Kassel and was awarded a scholarship to do a PhD in pedagogical sciences by the Heinrich Böll Foundations, which I studied at the University of Osnabrueck.

In 2013 I joined The University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg as a Professor in social work sciences. Prior to that I held a position as a professor in the theory and methods of Social Work at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart, having spent three years as a visiting professor at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.
I am also a member of various professional associations and a board member of the DGSA (German Society of Social Work) and also carry out managerial functions within the University including the position of head of the Master of Social Work program.

My research interests are the life worlds and experiences of marginalized social groups such as homeless people, prostitutes/sexworkers, drug addicts, looking into concepts and methods of social work to help and support these groups as well as analysing processes of social exclusion and their impact on the individuals. This includes a gender and intersectional perspective, as developed in my PhD about homeless girls and young women. Another research interest is community work with a focus on activism and participatory methods.

The accumulated professional experience and my current profile allow me to draw on real-life experiences alongside extensive academic study in the discipline of social work science. It has always been a principle of mine to take the challenges and dilemmas I have encountered in the day-to-day of practical social work and use scientific and research disciplines to try and find solutions to these issues.