Information for teachers and lecturers

Your workstation PC

Dienst-Laptop mit Direct-Access

If you are provided with a laptop as your workstation PC by the university, it is possible for you to configure this laptop as a so-called *Direct Access* laptop. On a laptop configured in this way, you have no authorization to administer the device. You can use this laptop at all places with suitable internet access as if you were in the university network at your usual workstation. There are, of course, some security restrictions, but these must be clarified on a case-by-case basis.

If you are interested in using a workstation configured in this way, please contact your system administrator.

If you are working on a normal desktop PC, this option does not exist. If you want to change this, talk to the responsible system administrator.



Home office with Windows Direct Access

You can be provided with a laptop with Direct Access access by the system administrator.

  • This device is then your only work device
  • You use this device inside and outside the university network with the same range of functions
  • You do NOT have administrator privileges on this laptop
  • Please talk to the system administrator of your department



As an instructor in the courses created for you, you can access the eLearning environments as usual using:

in addition, you are enrolled in an LMS course room "Online teaching Neubrandenburg University". In this course you will get a detailed information about the possibilities of the now increasingly used online teaching

If you have any questions, please write directly to:


Access to drives and data

To access drives, i.e. your personal home drive and shared project drives use our cloud system:
More information and instructions at:

For requests regarding special shares on boards or project directories please use the ticket system

Virtual desktops for the use of application software


For the use of special software, your system administrator can prepare a virtual desktop for you. You can access this virtual desktop via a client program.

  • The access to these resources is a special case, if you want to use this service, please talk to your system administrator.
  • Example of the application are the use of Matlab in the department LG and of MaxQDA in the department SBE.
  • The instructions for using it are currently being worked out.
  • For the use please contact your system administrator



E-Mail and Webmail


All information about using the university email service can be found here:


Conference calls


There are 2 types of conference calls at the university

  • directly from the office phone with up to 3 additional participants (please refer to the instructions in the phone)
  • with up to 25 participants with conference dial-in numbers (instructions in the ticket)

More information about the telephone at the university

Web and video conferences


For web and video conferences Adobe Connect of the DFN or Cisco Webex are available.

  • You can basically access the services via the universities e-learning system
  • You can create an Adobe Connect session or a Webex session as a new learning activity and then use it.
  • Please note that additional software may need to be installed on your computer in order to use it
  • Please note that in the current situation, you may experience disruptions due to system overload.
  • (Webex) We provide separate support for committee work, i.e. work without an e-learning course. Please use the ticket system to get a personal access to the system.en
  • (Webex) Participation by telephone is possible. The phone number for dial-in will be displayed after the conference has been created.


Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect tutorial and information

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex tutorial and information

Technical assistance and support


For technical inquiries please use our ticket system:

In eLearning you have a direct support menu button, including a request for a new course room


Issues that concern us

For some time and just currently we are dealing with some topics that can be used as tools for online work.

Video conferences with Jitsi, BigBlueButton, ... DFNconf

Chat server with Rocketchat

Project management software

Functional extensions for the e-learning system Moodle

Lecture recording system for online teaching, currently in pipeline Opencast and OBS, ...

Digital Storytelling: Pageflow

... But we, the system administrators cannot tear ourselves apart. Therefore, we ask for your patience. Should you have any ideas write to us!