Learning, teaching and working from home...

Times change, so do we... This website provides you with references for students, teachers and employees of our university regarding topics such as home office and online teaching during the time of corona and also for times to come...

References to digital security

Regarding digital security during mobile work in the home office the TÜV association provides the following guidance:

Keep private and professional work seperate: Surfing the internet with your employers computer may lead to accidentally downloading dangerous malware. It may be useful to set up a WIFI-network for professional purposes only or to prevent devices from communicating with each other on the home network.

Delete phishing-mails: Beware of any mails regarding COVID-19. Phishing-mails contain links that lead to dangerous websites with the goal of gaining access to the users personal data. There has also been a rise in mails containing malware that should not be opened. Users should be aware that some mails regarding Corona may not have been sent by reputable sources. Suspicious emails should either be deleted directly or sent to the employers IT support.

The danger of social engineering: Cyber criminals attack organisations directly by emailing employees specifically and using what seems to be real email adresses. The staff should always keep that in mind and check the originator adress.

Renounce screenshots: Selfies from the online conferences or video calls have become a hit on social media. If the web adress (URL) is visible unwanted guests may just show up to the next meeting or use this information for their next cyber attack. 

Contact the IT support services: Especially during this time employees should follow the instructions provided by their employers of the IT support services. Even if the internet is full of suggestions that are supposedly better that the ones you have been given, staff should stick to the IT support services for information on what is allowed and what is not. 

In the case of a security issue you should not hesitate and contact the IT support services immediatly. Time is of the essence during cyber attacks. Cohesion serves the IT security as well: "During tough times it is important to stick together virtually as well and communicate with eachother" says Bühler. "Cyber hackers have a more difficult time staying hidden or attacking organisations that communicate alot. 

Consideration, understanding and a personal thank you to the IT department will certainly do everyone good."