Why can’t I renew my loans online?
  • The book is reserved.
  • The item has been renewed the maximum number of times (10x).
  • There are overdue fees of more than € 30 on your account.
  • Your user authorisation for the Library needs to be updated.
  • It is an interlibrary loan.

Please note: Please contact us if you are unable to renew your loan period on your own.

  • Renewing Loan Periods

When can I take out and return media?

You can take out and return media during the Library’s opening hours. There is a self-service machine for taking out books.

How long can I keep the media?

The loan period is 4 weeks, the media can be renewed up to 10 times.

What happens if I do not return the media on time?
  • After one week, the Library will send you a free reminder via email.
  • The first fee-based overdue reminder will be sent two weeks after the return deadline,
    the second fee-based overdue reminder will be sent four weeks after the return deadline,
    the third fee-based overdue reminder will be sent six weeks after the return deadline.
  • It is not possible for users to renew loans online after receiving a third overdue reminder.
  • Loan renewals can be made via telephone, email or directly at the Service Desk.
  • I have to pay the fees at the Service Desk in cash. Payment can be made in instalments.
  • The fees will be listed in your library account.
  • Gebührenordnung  (fee regulations)
Can I renew my interlibrary loan?

No, interlibrary loans must be returned to the Service Desk by the return deadline.

In exceptional cases of urgency, we will ask the library which has provided the interlibrary loan if it is possible to renew the loan, please contact the Service Desk.

Why isn’t the book on the shelf?
The book is currently on loan

When searching for books in the Library’s catalogue, you will also find information about the current return deadline next to the signature, which indicates the location of the book.

It is possible to reserve a book via the catalogue.

We may have another printed or electronic edition in our collection.


TIP: Search for the title of the book in the catalogue, if possible together with the name of the author / editor. This makes it easier to find the various editions of the title.

The book is located in the archive

Not all media is located in the Library’s open stacks. This is indicated in the catalogue; please contact a member of staff at the Service Desk for media that is stored in the archive.

The book is currently at the Service Desk

Media that has been returned to the Service Desk during the day will be returned to its shelving location from approx. 4.00 p.m. onwards. Ask at the desk.

We need to search

Sometimes books are not returned to their correct shelving locations, if this is the case, a search order will be made. We will contact you when the book has been found.

When is the University Library open?


What’s my password?

User account & self-service machine

  • Number: 0519 _ _ _ _ _ _
    The login number is shown on your University Card or the Library Card.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can access the login page for library accounts via the catalogue and request a new password, you will then receive an email.

Interlibrary loan account and searches in GVKplus from outside of the campus

  • Username: 0519 _ _ _ _ _ _
    The username is identical to the login for the library account.
  • The password is issued after registration for interlibrary loans.

Using the internet 

  • The internet PCs, the Wi-Fi network and the service for checking your printing costs are only available for members of the University, using the account details you received from the Computer Centre.
  • Access <link zimt it-dienste wlan-und-campusnetzwerk zugang-zum-wlan-eduroam _blank external-link internen>eduroam by using your login details for the internet at your own institution.

External access via VPN

  • Members of the University install the VPN client on their own computer and then use their University account to gain external access to our electronic resources that are only accessible from inside of the campus network.
Why does the Library require my email address?

The University Library sends out notifications via email. There is no legal right to this service!

  • email notifications are sent out 3 days prior to the end of the loan period.
  • Free reminder 1 week after exceeding the deadline.
  • 1st-3rd fee-based overdue reminder 2, 4 and 6 weeks after exceeding the deadline (see Gebührenordnung (fee regulations))
  • Notification if a book you have on loan has been reserved
  • Notification if a book you have reserved is available
  • Notification if a book you have ordered through interlibrary loans is available
  • Notification prior to the termination of user account (every 5 years, if guest every year)
  • Information for users who have recently registered
  • Forms available online: Confirmations and information/answers via email

Members of UAS Neubrandenburg must use the email addresses provided by the University Computer Centre.

All information regarding the media you have on loan, return deadlines, reservations and fees can be found online in your library account, which you can access via our library catalogue or our homepage.

How can I register for the University Library?
I am studying at UAS Neubrandenburg

Students should approach the members of staff when they want to take out their first books.

We will then enter your university email address into our system so that you can receive our email notifications.

The University Card also functions as your library card, the number underneath the barcode is your library number. If you lose your University Card, you must inform the Library immediately so that they can block your loan account and misuse can be avoided.


I work at UAS Neubrandenburg

Your University Card also functions as your library card, the number underneath the barcode is your library number.

If you lose your University Card, you must inform the Library immediately so that they can block your loan account and misuse can be avoided.


I am not a member of UAS Neubrandenburg

Non-members of the University fill out a registration form and will then be issued with a Library Card on presentation of a valid identification document.

Registration and use of the University Library are free of charge. Further information will be provided by the members of staff when you register.

How can I get a locker?

The Library provides lockers for the safe storage of your bags and rucksacks.  Locker keys can be attained from the Service Desk.


Your Library Card/University Card will be used as a deposit.

Is it possible to print, copy and scan at the Library?
Can I use the PCs in the Library?

Guests can use the Library’s research PCs. You can only use the internet PCs with a login dialogue if you have a university account.

Is internet available and how can I save and print?

1. Library PCs for members of the University:

  • access to the internet is only available for those who have a university account.
  • members of the University can print either from a university PC or from their own mobile devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone).
  • personal hard disk drive available for saving documents
  • Information from the University Computer Centre

2. Research PCs that are accessible for all library users:

  • no login required
  • research in catalogues and databases, University webpages
  • electronic documents can be downloaded to your own USB storage device
  • it is not possible to print via the network, use your USB stick at the photocopier
  • (only PDF documents)
  • it is not possible to carry out unrestricted internet searches

3. EDUROAM: use your own devices with Wi-Fi access, also for registered users from other institutions

  • it is possible to print via the network, use MOBILE PRINT at the Print-Service-Online
  • external users can pay for their printing via USB stick with a photocopying card that they can obtain from the Service Desk (only PDF)

Information about EDUROAM

Informationen about tht printing and photocopying service

Where can I find eBooks?

Find information about our ebook resources on our homepage. The platforms of our eBook providers give you direct access to full-text searches. The platforms are also listed in the DBIS.

All of the eBooks in our collection are listed in the Library’s catalogue. You can also use the advanced search to search specifically for online resources.


Important note: If you open these platforms and perform searches, you won’t just find the book titles like in the Library catalogue, but also book chapters (often also journal articles) - AND you search the entire CONTENT of the books! It is therefore worth searching for literature here too.

Do eBooks have loan periods?

No, our campus licence makes it possible for you to load our eBooks as full texts in a browser and to then save them permanently as PDF files (USB port or hard disk drive on the PC).

Can I also access electronic media from my home?

Yes, if you are a member of the University and have a University account.

You can then access the Library’s electronic resources using VPN, no matter where you are.

Can I order eBooks via interlibrary loans?

Yes, this is possible sometimes, check the ordering possibilities above the title.

If you can't order the eBook for ILL, search the union catalogue GVK to find out whether the book is also available in printed form (we recommend a search according to author and a distinct keyword in the title). Then order the interlibrary loan from these results.

Please note: Perhaps there is another, older edition that is part of the Library’s collections.

How do I use eJournals?
Traffic Lights System in the EZB (Electronic Journals Library)

Our Library catalogue grants access to lots of eJournals. You can only find them using the journal’s title. Literature searches in GVK-PLUS and other databases give access to individual journal articles that are increasingly accessible as full texts, if allowed by the respective licence.

We recommend you search the Electronic Journal Library (EZB) for the corresponding title of the journal containing the article. This works well with the title, but often better with the journal’s ISSN. This can be found for example in the catalogue (GVK-PLUS) as part of the journal’s title.

All of the details concerning the licensing of the full text can be found in the EZB, please make sure you read carefully and pay attention to the traffic lights system (see figure)!

TIP: If the traffic lights are red or the desired period is not available on our licence (yellow), select the title for the printed version in GVK and order the desired article via interlibrary loan.

Please note: Since March 2017, articles from eJournals (that we have no licence for) can be ordered via interlibrary loan from a selection of GBV pilot libraries. The button ‘order a copy’ will be displayed if at least one of the pilot libraries has rights of use for the journal. If you have any questions contact the Service Desk.

Help for using the EZB

Read the information about searches (step-for-step guide)


More information about interlibrary loans (ordering books or articles)