Language Centre

The Language Centre provides students and university staff with an opportunity to improve their existing knowledge of foreign languages or to learn a new language and gain valuable insights into different cultures. The fact that English is the language of trade and industry and of global communication means that most companies require the graduates they employ to have an active and effective command of the English language. The fact that a growing amount of academic literature in virtually all disciplines is now only available in English means that anyone seeking to gain the greatest degree of benefit from the studies he or she is undertaking can no longer avoid the necessity of learning the language.

For this reason, the primary objective of the Language Centre is to deliver specialist English courses tailored to the needs of the respective faculties.
Cross-disciplinary advanced English courses providing preparation for the international Cambridge First Certificate and IELTS examinations are also on offer.

The Language Centre also has courses in French, Italian, Polish and Spanish at various levels. The aim of these courses is to offer a further European language alongside English to improve chances on the labour market and to prepare students to undertake a course of study abroad within the scope of the cooperation agreements the university has in place.

Foreign students are able to study German as a Foreign Language, either on an ongoing basis alongside their studies or in the form of an intensive course held at the beginning of each semester.

A recent innovation has been the opportunity to learn a language in “tandem”. This involves two people from different linguistic backgrounds each teaching the other their respective mother tongue.