Pursuant to § 81 Landeshochschulgesetz (State Higher Education Law) - LHG MV of 5th July 2002 (GVOBl, 2002, p. 398), last amended by Article 3 of the act from 11th July 2016 (GVOBl. MV 2016, p. 550)

Hochschule Neubrandenburg’s Senate decreed the following Benutzungsordnung (Terms of Use) as statute.

Benutzungsordnung (hereinafter Terms of Use) for Hochschule Neubrandenburg’s (hereinafter UAS Neubrandenburg) University Library

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Terms of use

§ 1 Tasks

As a public library, the University Library primarily serves academic purposes that comprise tasks for studies, teaching and research at UAS Neubrandenburg. Furthermore, it supplies the region and supra-regional areas with literature.

It provides the following types of use:

  • Use of the Library’s collections at the Library,
  • Borrowing of literature for use outside of the Library,
  • Acquisition of literature that is not available at the Library, via interlibrary loans,
  • Provision of information,
  • Supply and acquisition of other information materials, in particular in electronic form. 


§ 2 Authorised Users

All natural and legal persons have the right to use the Library if they are pursuing one of the uses defined in § 1.

§ 3 Permission to Use the Library
  1. Only users in possession of a Library Card will be allowed to use the Library. In principle, this must be requested in person and is issued on presentation of a valid national ID card, for foreign users on presentation of a valid, official passport which contains a photo and an address. Students must present their student ID card.  Minors must receive consent from their legal representative. No specific authorisation is required for the University Library’s information materials that are marked ‘nicht ausleihbar’ (not for borrowing). They can be used within the Library.
  2. All authorised users receive a Library Card that is non-transferable.  The Library must be informed of any loss of Library Card. The users will be made liable by the Library for any damage that occurs through any misuse of the Library Card. Users must inform the Library of any changes.
  3. Students at UAS Neubrandenburg are only authorised to use the Library for the duration of their studies and up until deregistration, members of teaching and academic staff only for the duration of their employment at UAS Neubrandenburg. They can be re-authorised if they fulfil the requirements of § 2 in these Terms of Use. 
  4. The data collected by the Library for registration purposes will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Law. 
§ 4 Fees

Fees will be charged for certain services. The respective valid version of UAS Neubrandenburg’s Gebührenordnung (fee regulations) provides further details.

§ 5 Opening Hours
  1. The opening hours will be displayed on a notice.
  2. The Library may be closed temporarily due to valid reasons. Temporary closures will be announced on notices in due time. 


§ 6 General Rights and Duties of the Users
  1. Users are obliged to obey the regulations of the Terms of Use and the orders given by the Library’s staff members. They are liable for damages and disadvantages caused to the Library due to the non-fulfilment of these duties.
  2. Users must handle the information materials and all of the Library’s equipment with care.
  3. Users must check the condition of the media that was handed to them at reception and report any existing damages.
  4. Users are obliged to make adequate replacements within an appropriate period of time for damages and loss of information materials that have occurred during their use, even if it cannot be proven that the users were at fault. If they are unable to make a replacement, the Library may either choose to define a replacement sum for repurchasing, or to buy a reproduction at the cost of the users. If the information materials are irreplaceable, the Library can demand both the costs for creating a reproduction and full compensation of the material value.  If damaged media can be repaired, the users will have to cover the costs. This also applies to information materials on loan from the national and international interlibrary loans system.
  5. Those wanting to use a device should make sure that the device is not damaged and in full working order. The user is liable for damages that are not considered usual wear and tear, if s/he is at fault. 
§ 7 Behaviour in the Library
  1. Silence must be maintained in all of the Library’s rooms for the common interest of the library users, in particular in reading areas and at the work stations.
  2. Luggage, briefcases, large bags and similar must be deposited in the lockers.

§ 8 Protection of Library Collections

The Library is authorised to enforce the required control measures for protecting its collections. During controls, users are obliged to provide an official identification document or the Library Card and to show any books, journals or similar that they might have with them and also the contents of the briefcases, handbags and similar they might be carrying. All of the information materials are protected by a library security system.


§ 9 Liability of the Library
  1. The Library is not liable for damages that are caused in connection with the use of the Library or the Library’s collections.
  2. The Library is not liable for damage to or loss of monetary means or valuables.
  3. Liability for gross negligence or wilful damage caused by staff members at the Library remain unaffected.
  4. II. Use within the Library


§ 10 Use of Reading Facilities and the Workstations
  1. All of the books and journals that are on display in the reading areas of the Library can be used on the Library premises.
  2. The collections that are not available for borrowing can usually only be used at the Library. After use, books, journals and similar must be returned to their designated shelving location.
  3. Information materials that are located in the archives are provided for use within the Library. 


§ 11 Access to the Archive

The archives are not open for access and can only be entered with special permission.

§ 12 Limited Use

Information materials that are not suited for unlimited use due to legal regulations or due to their special value can only be used if the intended academic or professional purpose is credible.

§ 13 General Terms of Use
  1. The Library’s information materials can be borrowed for use outside of the Library. In principle, the exceptions are:
    • Loose-leaf publications,
    • Unbound fascicles, individual issues of unbound journals, newspapers and information materials in very bad conditions,
    • The use of information materials that are regularly requested can be confined to the Library.
  2. The Library is authorised to limit the number of information materials that can be borrowed on one occasion. 
  3. In justified cases, exceptions can be made to the borrowing restrictions for information materials named in points 1a and 1b. 


§ 14 Loan Periods
  1. The loan period is generally 4 weeks.
  2. Short-term loans are possible for information materials that are marked ‘nicht ausleihbar’ (not for borrowing).
  3. The loan period can be extended on request, if the information materials are not required by other users and the persons wishing to extend the loans have fulfilled their obligations towards the Library. The request must be made prior to the end of the loan period.
  4. Alternative loan period regulations can be made for members of teaching staff and other staff members at UAS Neubrandenburg if a ruling has been made by the Rectorate on proposal from the Library management.
  5. If the information materials are required by other users or for library purposes, they must be returned after the standard loan period of four weeks.
  6. Loans can be renewed several times. If users would like to renew information materials, the Library can demand the presentation of the media on loan. Renewals will not be granted for periods that exceed the validity date of the user’s Library account. 


§ 15 Obligation to Return Information Materials

The information materials on loan must be returned by the end of the loan period. Late returns are subject to fees.

§ 16 Borrowing Procedure
  1. Users wanting to borrow information materials require a valid Library Card. The users are required to present the information materials for them to be recorded in the system.
  2. The procedure is completed when the information materials have been recorded in the system and the books have been handed out to the users. The users are responsible for the information materials from this moment onwards.
  3. If the users do not follow the reminders to return the materials or do not pay the due fees, the Library may refuse the borrowing of further information materials. The Library is entitled to change the borrowing procedure by introducing additional regulations. 


§ 17 Reservations
  1. Information materials that are currently on loan can be reserved for the day on which they are returned. The users will receive notification as soon as the desired information materials are available.
  2. No information will be provided about who currently has a piece of information material on loan.
  3. The Library is not required to register more than one reservation per book.


§ 18 Borrowing from Elsewhere
  1. Information materials that are required for academic purposes, professional work and further education, which are not available on-site, can be ordered by the Library from another library (interlibrary loans). This kind of loan is regulated by the provisions pertaining to the Leihverkehrsordnung (Regulations for Interlibrary Loans).
  2. Users usually receive a notification when information material that has been ordered through interlibrary loans is available.


§ 19 Lending Books to Other Libraries
  1. Lending books to other libraries is possible within the framework of the interlibrary loans system operated by German libraries and international interlibrary loans.  The provisions of the respective valid version apply. 
  2. The Library can exempt information materials from interlibrary loans. 


§ 20 Information

The Library provides information using its catalogues, databases and collections, no guarantee will be assumed for the details provided.


§ 21 Copies

Photocopiers and book scanners are provided for use, primarily for the Library’s collections. The users must observe the copyright regulations. 

§ 22 Deregistration

The Library will only grant its approval that is required by students at UAS Neubrandenburg for deregistration, if all of the information materials that were previously on loan have been returned and the Library has no further claims.

§ 23 Exclusion of Use

If users severely or repeatedly breach the regulations of these Terms of Use, or if the continuation of a user account has become unacceptable due to the occurrence of particular circumstances, they can be temporarily, permanently or partially excluded from using the Library. All of the users’ obligations that were related to the user relationship remain unaffected after exclusion.

§ 24 Entry into Force

The terms of use enter into force on the day after they have been made public and accessible to all members of the University.

At the same time, the Terms of Use of 26/03/2006 become invalid.


Neubrandenburg, on the 26/04/2017

Prof. Dr. Micha Teuscher

The Rector


Drawn up after a decision made by the Senate at UAS Neubrandenburg on the 26/04/2017.