Interlibrary Loan

Before you start your search for an interlibrary loan,

you should always first of all consult the local catalogue of Neubrandenburg University of Applied Science’s library to find out whether the requested reference is available on site (either as a hard copy or as an electronic copy).


Researching and ordering process:

Step by step

Searching and ordering:

With the GVK you can order ILL from other libraries in Germany.

The KVK is a global metacatalogue for your research, if you want to order an ILL you can ask a librarian.

How do I order an interlibrary loan?

If you cannot find a particular medium in our inventory, look for it in the union catalogue (e.g. GVK-PLUS). You then have the chance to place an order for an inter-library loan, and the medium will be sent to the university library by a different library. You will receive an e-mail once the inter-library loan has arrived.

Loan Order

1. Log on to GVK using your inter-library loan ID.

You can get this ID from the service counter or via the web form.

2. Search for the desired book in the union catalogue and open the title.

Then click on LOAN REQUEST in the top, right-hand corner.

GVK-PLUS title display
3. Can the medium be ordered?

You can see the list view of the providing libraries underneath the title.

Information on orderability

You don’t need to select a library from this list.

Via the OPC symbol, you can access the catalogue of the other library: there, you can usually see whether and for how long the medium has been loaned out. In the next stage, under Order, you can make a reservation.

4. Are there no libraries able to provide the desired medium?

First of all, check to see if a different edition of the book is available. 

First and second edition and also the ebook are available!

Maybe a different edition is even available in Neubrandenburg? Maybe there is even an e-book available in the inventory of the University of Applied Science’s library?

None of these apply? Then see the next step 

5. There is no other edition or an e-book available

Then open the title of the desired book (hard copy!) and go to loan request.

Now you will be redirected to the VFL – inter-library lending system. 

Here, once again select the desired title and complete the order. The book will now be sent from a different library network to Neubrandenburg.

6. The medium can be ordered

Click on to loan request

...And fill out the order. Your data has already been entered.

The inter-library loan will always be sent to the University of Applied Science’s library. Under “note”, you can enter a preferred reservation date, increasing the chance of success of the delivery.


Right at the bottom, once again enter your password and trigger the order.

7. Please note: the order is NOT sent

...if the document is available in the University of Applied Sciences’ library.

If you cannot find enough references in the inventory of the University of Applied Sciences’ library, you will need to perform a database search (see DBIS). For example, you can perform a search in the GVK-PLUS. You can probably find not only books but also articles and essays about the desired topic. If the located sources of the articles are not available either as a hard copy or in electronic form at the University of Applied Sciences’ library, place an order for a copy.

If electronic journals are also available, orders for essays can also serve as e-journals.


When an order for a copy is placed, the desired essay is sent to us via the inter-library loan system and you can collect a copy from the service counter. In this case you won’t receive an e-mail: instead, you can check out the state of the order in your inter-library loan account. Please feel free to ask at the counter.

Copy Order

1. You can perform a search in the GVK.

You can also find articles and essays here!

Title of an article which has appeared in a journal (see “In”):

Please note: many articles and essays can be searched for on the GVK-PLUS. Their sources are not infrequently available in the inventory of the University of Applied Sciences’ library, making an order for an inter-library loan superfluous.


The GVK-PLUS is a database – you can also use it to search through the contents of books and journals.

2. You HAVEN’T found the article you are looking for?

Then search for the source.

Order view for an essay that doesn’t have a title of its own but which can be ordered from the source. The data has to be entered manually (year, magazine, etc.).

Open the title of the source (book/journal) which contains the desired document. You are frequently afforded the chance to view a table of contents (as a pdf) which is linked to the title.


Then click on Copy order and, on the following screen, enter the data pertaining to the article (year, page from to, title, author, etc.).

3. You have found the article you are looking for?

Then click on COPY ORDER

If this essay already has a title in the GVK-PLUS, the fields are already completed (magazine, year, etc.).

All data (pages, etc.) are already completed in the order.

In the case of an article or an essay exceeding 20 pages, you would need to accept any additional costs. The copy will be delivered to the University of Applied Sciences’ library.


4. BEFORE you order an essay:

Check to see whether the SOURCE really isn’t available in the library!

Title of an essay, there is no evidence of ownership in our library available. BEFORE placing an order: check the title of the source to see if our evidence of ownership appears – if so, this makes an inter-library loan superfluous!

For instance, click on the title behind “IN:”, the ISBN / ISSN or the information beneath the title in order to retrieve a full view of the source (book, journal).

If the evidence of ownership of the library appears in the “superordinate record”, the order is superfluous! Also check the electronic edition. Frequently, alongside our journal subscriptions, you can find electronic editions in the inventory. You can receive all important information about electronic journals from the EZB.

Please note: evidence of ownership of articles and essays is not always available, even though the source (book/journal) is included in the library’s inventory! In the case of journals, please play close attention to the appropriate year, since not all magazines are always included in the inventory. You can see that in our catalogue.

5. Evidence of ownership of the University of Applied Sciences’ library: “in our library”

Click on this symbol in order to access the catalogue of the University of Applied Sciences’ library.

Evidence of ownership of our library: in this case, an inter-library loan is neither necessary nor possible.

The evidence of ownership to articles and essays is not always visible: to make sure, open the title of the source, as described above. 


Registration & costs
  • In order to use the inter-library loan service, you must join the library.
  • Send us an application for a password via the relevant web form on our homepage.
  • You need your e-mail address and the library number (see your library card or student card).
  • Send the web form off, and you will receive all the information you need to join by e-mail.
  • Please note: inter-library loan orders cost €1.50 for non-university members. Orders from abroad cost €2.50 each, for everyone.


Delivery and notification

You can check out the processing status of your orders at any time in your inter-library loan account in the GVK-PLUS / GBV.

The delivery times can vary – most intra-library loans can be collected after 1-4 weeks.

The delivery is sent to the library and not directly to you. You can collect your inter-library loans from the service counter by presenting your student card or your library card.


  • Journal essays and excerpts from books are delivered as copies.
  • Communicate the delivery status via the intra-library loan account in the GVK-PLUS / GVK and then follow it up at the service counter.
  • You can then keep the copies.


  • Books are loaned in their original form.
  • You will be notified by e-mail by us.
  • You can find information about the delivery in your user account.
  • It is always the lending library which determines the loan period (generally four weeks) and loan conditions (e.g. may only be used on the library premises).
Extending the loan period and returning the loan

It is not possible to extend the loan period.

A chargeable reminder will be sent for any reference works not returned on time.

Please note that the coupon and the data carrier enclosed in the book stay in the book until it has been returned. We need them for processing the return of the book. A charge of €2.50 is payable in the case of loss of or damage to the data carrier.


The general catalogue (GBV) offers you some information about interlibrary loan.