Your Hochschulaccount

- An account to all intents and purposes - ;-)

For the duration of the study, all students will be provided with a university account for the use of the central PC technology and online offers. This account will be awarded in introductory events at the beginning of the study by the ZIMT.


After deregistration, the university account is automatically deactivated and can no longer be used.

The university account is required for:

  • Registration at the computers in the central PC pools, in the PC rooms of the departments and the PCs in the university library
  • Registration at the online e-learning systems
  • Registration at the university portal Registration at SB-Online (web portal for student self-service functions)
  • Authentication for the use of e-mail accounts
  • Registration for the use of the university WLAN and / or the dormitory network
  • Use of the central printing and copying machines

Employees / lecturers / lecturers of the university also receive a university account. This account is active for the duration of the employment relationship. The account is available in the ZIMT and allows access to e.g. following services

  • E-mail and calendar
  • Login to workstation
  • PCs e-Learning
  • HS-Portal
  • WLAN access with own devices


With the college account, every user receives an e-mail account. This mailbox is used for "business" purposes,  meaning you will receive news from the library, information from the e-learning system, etc. via this e-mail inbox. You can retrieve your emails with a mail client program or via the webmail system. For more information see mail and calendar


At the university, a password policy is active for all college credits. That means, all university account users will need to change their password when they log in for the first time. Security requirements for passwords Note: In special cases it is possible to exclude individual accounts from the policy. If this is necessary for you, please contact (support ticket system).