To continue your studies in the next semester, you must re-enrol. As part of this, you must pay the semester fee.

If you do not re-enrol, you lose your student status and your enrolment is cancelled. You can only re-enrol within a certain period.

For the re-enrolment you must transfer the semester fee to the account of the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences. There are certain re-enrolment deadlines that apply (see info box). The re-enrolment period for the following semester is published in advance across the University in the semester schedule.

You can check via SB-Online (the online student administration portal) whether your semester fee has been received and you have been officially re-enrolled (about one week after receipt of the fee). As soon as you are approved for the new semester, you must update your student card at the validation station in Building I and have it printed with the new semester date. Course certificates can be printed separately in SB-Online.

Important information

Students in dual courses and those students in their internship semester or who are studying abroad or taking a leave of absence must also re-enrol for each semester.

Re-enrolment deadline for the winter semester 2024/2025

03.06. to 28.06.2024

For late re-enrolments there is a flate ee that must be paid in addition to the semester fee.

Attention: new bank details

Late re-enrolment

If you do not re-enrol before the deadline, you can still rectify this up to a certain date. For late re-enrolments there is a late fee that must be paid in addition to the semester fee.

Late re-enrolment deadline for the winter semester 2024/2025

29.06. to 08.07.2024

No re-enrolment

If you pay the semester fee only in part, not at all or after the cut-off date, your enrolment will be cancelled effective from the end of the previous semester.

Semester fee

The semester fee is € 93.00 with re-enrolment by the deadline and is made up as follows:

Student union fee 83,00 €
Student union fee 10,00 €

Other fees

Late fee for re-enrolment after the cut-off date 11,00 €
Registration fee for newly enrolled students 14,00 €

Our banking details

Payee Hochschule Neubrandenburg
Bank Deutsche Kreditbank
Fee 93,00 €
IBAN DE62 1505 0200 0301 0443 33
Reason for payment See the instructions below.

If you do not pay the semester fee before the required re-enrolment deadline, please transfer the fee promptly including the late fee of 11.00 € (total 104,00 €).

Correct details for paying the re-enrolment fee

In order to correctly process the transfer of your re-enrolment fee, it is essential that you state the reason for payment precisely using the following format:

  • The first five characters are the semester identification, that is, 20242 for winter semester 2024/2025.
  • Then enter a blank space.
  • Then enter your six- or seven-digit enrolment number.

Your enrolment number can be found on your course or BAföG certificates that you can print out on the self-service portal SB-Online.

Entering different characters or more than the total of twelve characters as the reason for payment will mean that we will not be able to assign your fee to your fee account and you will therefore not be able to re enrol. The fee cannot be assigned using your name.

Avoid any problems with your re enrolment by stating the reason for payment in accordance with the above instructions!