De-registration of enrolment

When your enrolment is cancelled, your affiliation with the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences ends.

De-registration of enrolment due to completed final examination

The de-registration of your enrolment is carried out by law, that is, your enrolment will be automatically cancelled upon completion of the final examination. The de-registration becomes effective

  • when you have received your final certificate,
  • when the final certificate has been sent, at the latest one month after posting to the last address provided by you.

De-registration of enrolment by the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences (officially)

Your enrolment will be cancelled without making an application if you

  • have definitively not passed an examination required as per the departmental examination regulations.
  • have not provided evidence of current valid health insurance.
  • have not reregistered before the deadline. The cancellation of your enrolment is effective at the end of the previous semester.
  • There are other reasons for cancelling enrolment.

With an official cancellation of enrolment, you will receive notification from the University that includes legal remedies.

De-registration of enrolment upon application

If you would like to end or suspend your studies at the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences, you must apply to have your enrolment cancelled. The application must be submitted to the Enrolments and Examination Office.

The application to cancel your enrolment becomes effective at the time applied for by you:

  • at the earliest at the time of submission of the application, 
  • at the latest at the end of the current semester.

A retroactive cancellation of enrolment is not possible. After cancellation of your enrolment, you will be issued with a cancellation certificate.