Leave of absence

You may, upon application, take a leave of absence from a course at the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences for an important reason. During a leave of absence you remain a member of the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences and retain your student status.

Reasons for which a student may require a leave of absence include:

  1. illness,
  2. caring for a relative,
  3. maternity leave (pregnancy) and parental leave,
  4. international study (note: a leave of absence is not possible during the internship semester),
  5. collaboration in academic or student self-government,
  6. completion of a practical activity in the service of the course.

Important information

Before applying for leave of absence for a semester, consider that

  • During your leave of absence you may only complete assessments and examinations in exceptional cases with the approval of the examination board. Repeating examinations that you have failed is possible.
  • A leave of absence is counted as a tertiary semester, not as a course semester. 
  • During the leave of absence no student grants (BAföG) will be paid. BAföG recipients should seek advice about the provisions of the student grant in the BAföG Office.
  • During a leave of absence re-enrolment is required by paying the semester fees. If no services offered by the student union are used, no semester fees are payable. The prerequisite for this is, however, the approved Application for waiver or reimbursement of semester fees.

Duration and scope

A leave of absence can generally be granted for up to a total of four semesters but at most two consecutive semesters. A leave of absence due to pregnancy or raising a child is not included in this period.

The leave of absence lasts for a full semester; a retroactive leave of absence is not possible as a matter of principle. For each additional semester the leave of absence must be re-applied for.

Application and deadlinesisten

The application for a leave of absence must be submitted to the Enrolments and Examination Office prior to the re-enrolment deadline for the particular semester in which the leave of absence is to take place.

If the reason for the leave of absence only arises later, applications for a leave of absence for the semester that has already started may still be submitted by two weeks after the start of semester at the latest (01 March or 01 September).

In case of illness and a resultant inability to study, you can apply for a leave of absence even up to the start of the examination period. The examination board decides about such applications. Previously completed semester examinations that were taken prior to the date of submission of the application remain valid and are considered to be attempts.  

The application must always be accompanied by appropriate evidence of the justification. The decision about the application for a leave of absence is notified in writing.