Cross-registered students

Students enrolled at other universities of applied sciences can be approved upon application and contingent upon available course capacity as cross-registered students with the right to attend certain teaching sessions and to complete examinations.

The approval is granted on the basis of available free capacity. The enrolment requirements must be met. Cross-registered students receive confirmation of the approval; they are not enrolled.

Dates and deadlines

The application for approval as a visiting student shall be made either 

  • by 28 February for the following summer semester and 
  • by 31 August for the following winter semester.

Your approval as a visiting student is valid for one semester, that is, you must make a new application for any additional semesters.


The following documents must be submitted:

  • Application for approval (PDF file)
  • Current course certificate from your home institution
  • Current academic transcript (including all attempted examinations) with the stamp of your home institution

Other documents may be requested by the Enrolments and Examination Office as evidence that you satisfy the enrolment requirements.


Please register for examinations in accordance with the deadlines at the Enrolments and Examination Office