Who should apply?

Our Master in Geomatics is intended for motivated students who want to deepen their knowledge from a Bachelor of Engineering degree to in field of Geodesy, Geoinformatics, or Metrology. Studying at Master level means diving deep into the academic world. This is the world of advanced theories, reading and writing scientific whitepapers, peer reviews, and performing presentations at conferences. Before applying at UAS Neubrandenburg, please think about whether you are really willing and able to become part of the academic world. For an admission as a regular graduate student, the applicant must have obtained a 4-year bachelor’s degree in an engineering science of acceptable standing from a Higher Education Institution. The application must give evidence that the student possesses a potential for strong academic performance at the graduate level.

Assess your knowledge:

Please find here  a document with typical questions at entry level. Take your time and do the test. You do not need to add your answers to the application. Instead, assess yourself your abilities to answer the questions. If you have serious difficulties to answer more than 50% of these questions, an application to the Master program Geomatics does NOT make sense, because you are lacking the necessary basics for the entry level.

Bachelor engineering degrees should preferably be in Geosciences (Geodesy, Surveying, Geology, Geography, etc.). Degrees in neighbouring sciences may be accepted after a specific evaluation. Typical neighbouring sciences are Computer Science or Civil Engineering. Applications with bachelor degrees that are not directly related to Geoscience or Geodesy will be regarded as candidates for a ‚presemester‘ at the UAS Neubrandenburg. This presemester is offered online every summer semester for a limited number of students. Here, special courses on the bachelor level are provided to close knowledge gaps, earn missing ECTS, and prepare for the masters level. Students from outside of the European Union are almost always required to do the presemester because of having not enough credit points (ECTS) from their Bachelor studies.

Students who have obtained their bachelor degree at a German University/Hochschule or at a University with which the UAS Neubrandenburg has an academic agreement may enroll directly into the Master program Geomatics. All other students must apply via Uni-Assist (Germany). This organization will check your academic records and forward it to UAS NB for further evaluation and decision about admittance.

Language Proficiency in the German language is recommended, but not required. Proficiency in the academic English language is mandatory. International applicants for whom English is not the native language must submit evidence of sufficient knowledge of the English language on level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language as follows:

TOEFL 72-94, IELTS (5.5-6.0), Cambridge Certificate (B2 First).

This requirement can be waived if the candidate has completed at least three (3) years of academic work on a full-time basis at a university-level institution in a country in which English is recognized as the official language or where the medium of instruction is English. 

How and when should you apply?

Applicants with international qualifications must submit their application documents through the “Arbeits- und Servicestelle für internationale Studienbewerbungen e.V.” (uni-assist e.V.). An online application is mandatory, all certified documents have to be sent by postmail to uni-assist. The application portal by uni-assist will be open for:

from April 01 until May 31 each year for the starting in the Summer Semester (01st of March) of the following year.

Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible, because other formalities like visa application take additional time. The summer semester (presemester) starts on 1st of March. The winter semester starts on 1st of September. Please make sure, you arrive in Neubrandenburg at these dates at the latest. Students arriving later will most probably be confronted with problems getting laboratories places, computer accounts and missing introductory lessons.

Prospective international students can find further information at our International Office.

Application Evaluation

Applications are evaluated as a complete portfolio. Completed master’s applications via uni-assist e.V. will be promptly evaluated by our admissions committee. Admittance is based on an estimate of the applicant's ability to successfully complete our graduate program and on the compatibility of the student’s interests in our programs.

As soon as an admission decision is reached, the applicant will be notified directly through the online application system. Please note that admission decisions cannot be revealed over the telephone. It is the practice of our  university not to discuss application results with prospective students. We do not reconsider applications, due to the large volume of applicants.