Geodesy and Geoinformatics

The courses take into account the continuous and rapid technological advances in surveying, data processing and data delivery.

Master of Engineering, three semesters. Accredited.

Innovation, Geoscience and Engineering

At the University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg (UAS NB), we have a close connection to industry and public administration in the manufacturing and service sectors. Being a University of Applied Sciences, we have learned that in addition to the conventional engineering degrees there is an increasing demand for interdisciplinary skills in the engineering education.
To meet the new challenges in enterprises and public administration, students at UAS NB may enroll in the Master of Geomatics program.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wehrenpfennig
SG'e Geoinformatik, Messtechnik, Geodäsie (FB LG): Praktische und angewandte Informatik
Raum 212 - Haus 2
0395 5693 - 4109
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Studying and living in Neubrandenburg

Studying and living in Neubrandenburg