Archiving and Publishing Student Dissertations

UAS Neubrandenburg’s Digital Library

Information about Archiving and Publishing Student Dissertations

UAS Neubrandenburg’s Digital Library was developed together with the University Library Rostock as part of the state project ‘Digitale Bibliothek MV’ (Digital Library MV). It gives students at the University the chance to publish successfully completed dissertations that had been produced electronically via the publication server, at no extra cost. The dissertations that have been published are also listed in our library catalogue.

By providing student dissertations in the Digibib, UAS Neubrandenburg is supporting the concept of Open Access, according to which there should be free access to academic information.


Axana Goele
Raum Bibliotheksverwaltung Brodaer Str. 11
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Steps for Archiving and Publishing in the Digibib:

The following information will help you to archive your dissertation in accordance with the examination regulations and, if you wish, also to publish it.

2. Save your Dissertation as a PDF
By clicking on ‘save’ you will start the conversion. This will create the file and the PDF document that was created will be opened for checking.
  1. File menu > Save as (or F12)
  2. Select folder
  3. The file should be named according to these rules:
  4. <Type of Dissertation> - <Surname> - <Year>
  5. e.g. Bachelor’sDissertation-Bloggs-2018.pdf and, if applicable,
  6. Select file type ‘PDF (*pdf)’
  7. Only necessary for MS Word 2010 and newer
  8. Create PDF/A file (long-term archiving): to do so, after selecting the file type ‘PDF (*pdf)’, click on the dialogue box ‘options’ and choose the format ‘ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A)’.
  9. Save
  10. Please convert all appendices that cannot be integrated into the dissertation (e.g. drawings and plans) into PDFs and submit them as an archive file, in ZIP format (max. 200 MB).