Registration for examinations

You must register before the deadline at SB-Online (the online student administration portal) for examinations that you would like to take in the semester. You will not be able to take examinations for which you have not registered.

Which examinations have to be completed is specified in the departmental examination regulations and the examination schedule for your particular course.

Important information:

If you miss the registration deadlines for the module examinations by more than two semesters or do not take an examination for which you have registered, in both cases the examinations will be graded as failed.

Registration periods

For each examination period in a semester, there are fixed and published registration periods. The registration periods are generally from the start of May to the end of May (for the summer semester) and from the start of November to the middle of December (for the winter semester).

You may only register and deregister without providing reasons within this period. If the registration deadline has elapsed, your application is considered to be binding.

Please ensure that you are aware of your examination schedule and the registration periods for each semester.

Application for a repeat examination

If you have failed an examination or not taken an examination with justification (e.g. with a medical certificate), you are automatically obliged to repeat the examination the next semester.

You must register at SB-Online again for all repeat examinations. If you fail to do this, you will be automatically registered (obligatory registration) by the Enrolments and Examination Office.

The repeat examinations will be scheduled in the following semester.

Legal basis

Framework examination regulations Ordnungen und Satzungen der Hochschule

Examination regulations for the courses Ordnungen und Satzungen der Studiengänge