Vocational Teaching for Social Work, Social Studies and Childhood Studies

Bachelor of Arts, seven semesters.

The Bachelor’s degree in vocational teaching for the social professions is the initial professional qualification for the vocational teaching in the social professions. Graduation from the Bachelor course is required for acceptance into a 3-semester Master’s programme at the University of Rostock (graduation: 1st state examination).

After completing the studies at the University of Rostock and the subsequent practical training (2nd state examination), the students are admitted to the teaching profession in vocational schools for social professions. Graduates of the Bachelor’s degree can also work in specialist professional development and further education areas.

The Bachelor course ‘Vocational Teaching for Social Professions’ offers students a teaching course that links two fields of study and the associated principles of specialist teaching. The first field combines the specialist knowledge of social services and the second field teaches specific aspects of the development of particular areas of teaching. The course is designed such that graduates of the Bachelor of Social Work and Early Education can transfer across.

Studying and living in Neubrandenburg

Studying and living in Neubrandenburg