Nature Conversation and Landuse Planning

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), eight semesters.

The University of Applied Science trains professionals that are able to understand the landscapes and the landuse requirements in their reciprocity, to assess these and plan for them in order to ensure sustainable, futureoriented landuse.

This is of particular interest for all students who want to work in the area of environmental protection, eco-tourism, environmental education, or landuse planning. The competition for land is increasing, e.g. between agriculture and forestry, and so is the competition for the utilisation of energy resources, tourism, and settlement development.

The Bachelor programme provides landscape ecology, landscape and regional planning know-how as well as basic information on environmental laws, the economy, politics, and social issues to prepare students for their work.

Some of the occupations for graduates can be found in public administration in the areas of environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, and water management, the administration of protected areas and nature conservation stations, and associations concerned with landscape management, nature conservation, tourism and the economy, consulting and appraisal firms, tourism companies, or institutions for conservation and environmental education.

Studying and living in Neubrandenburg

Studying and living in Neubrandenburg