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The new career service for all international students at UAS Neubrandenburg


In line with the motto ‘get your career started’, we, the International Career Centre (ICC), are now providing a coaching, seminar and mentoring programme for all international students at UAS Neubrandenburg for the first time in our history. Thanks to a funding grant from the DAAD’s (German Academic Exchange Service) ‘Integra’ programme, we will be able to provide a range of support that serves to prepare our international students in the best possible manner for the start of their professional careers. Being aware of the special support students from other home countries require, we provide a tailor-made programme, which incorporates individual questions on topics related to career development and preparing applications.

Furthermore, we would like to act as a mediator, establishing contact between potential employers and students/graduates. One-on-one mentoring constitutes a huge opportunity for achieving this goal. This entails a mentor supporting the career development of a usually younger mentee. In order to avoid losing qualified young professionals from our region, we will primarily base our activities around local enterprises. However, this does not mean that companies and institutions from further afield shall be excluded from becoming our network partners.

Our detailed portfolio of services for employers and our international students can be found in the shaded information boxes.

Have a good look around our website. Your new qualified employees, potential employers, or a professional career coaching session could be just a few clicks away. We are looking forward to your questions and feedback.

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