Geoinformatics involves using modern information methods and technologies to solve specialist geoscientific problems. 

Bachelor of Engineering, seven semesters. Accredited.

Geoinformatics involves using all information that has a spatial reference. Some of the major areas are the recording and representation of the Earth’s surface (cartography and land registry), the processing of aerial photography and satellite and radar images, as well as geographic information systems. Application programmes, databases, Internet and software development form the basis for the use of geoinformatics in geodesy, geography, geology, geophysics, and ecology.

Geoinformatics requires a high degree of interdisciplinary work and this means that graduates enjoy excellent and exciting career opportunities in various application areas such as environmental protection, environmental monitoring, landuse planning, tourism and leisure industry, agriculture, and forestry. Location analysis and geo-marketing as well as navigation applications or the development of 3D city or terrain models are additional application areas of geoinformatics.

Studying and living in Neubrandenburg

Studying and living in Neubrandenburg