Social Work - Social Sciences, Project Planning and Development

This is a research oriented course of studies which imparts the theoretical and methodological knowledge required to conduct independent research in the field of social work.

Master of Arts, four semesters.

This research-based Master’s programme teaches the theoretical and methodological expertise that enables graduates to carry out independent research in the area of social work. Building on the knowledge and skills acquired in the Bachelor’s degree, graduates of the Master’s programme deepen or expand their learning and understanding.

They are able to define and interpret the special features, limitations, terminologies and schools of thought in their field of study and to further develop them on the basis of their own research. In doing so, they grapple with the challenges inherent in management functions.

They learn to adopt the perspectives of employers and providers and can plan independent practical projects, seek funding for these projects and control and manage the project realisation. They are qualified to draft evaluation designs for academic reflection on the course of a project or even to carry out such evaluations themselves.

Studying and living in Neubrandenburg

Studying and living in Neubrandenburg