Vision of the Professorship of Health Economics and Health Care Management

"Innovations for an effective and efficient healthcare system" – This vision guides the teaching and research efforts towards creating a healthcare system characterized by continuous product and process innovations, cutting-edge technology, and interdisciplinary research. Driven by the individual needs of each person, the aim is to achieve patient-centered, efficient, and high-quality care that promotes and strengthens societal well-being.  

The mission is to answer the essential question of how to optimally use limited resources in healthcare. With a commitment to developing and implementing innovative approaches in healthcare delivery, organization, financing, and reimbursement, a bridge is created between economic theory and practice. The focus is on seeking sustainable solutions that align with people's needs and generate genuine socioeconomic value. 

The institution resides at the intersection of science, technology, and society in teaching and research, taking on the challenge of shaping an effective and efficient healthcare system for today and future generations. The research goes beyond economic analysis of healthcare system organization and financing, also concentrating on health economics evaluations. The primary goal is to provide appropriate and needs-based healthcare services for every individual without compromising on quality or costs. Interdisciplinary approaches enable comprehensive studies on healthcare systems, analysis of financing and reimbursement models, and the implementation of decision-making tools. Preference research and benefit assessments are particularly central to this work. 

Under the overarching guiding principle of "Innovations for an effective and efficient healthcare system", practical scientific education and research are promoted. This commitment actively contributes to sustainable development in the healthcare sector and paves the way for a future where healthcare is truly accessible to all.