Dear friends from everywhere,

I'll tell you in a few words, although it is too little to describe my experience in Germany at the University of Applied Sciences in Neubrandenburg.

At first it scared me I left in Germany alone; it was the first time I had to leave home for longer than 2 weeks away from my family. I had to go in another country, alone, surrounded by strangers, without speak German (I only knew English) and had to get along there for three months. All the way to the destination I was thinking how I handle it? I arrive there, about 11 to 11: 30 in the evening, and a friend from Romania waited me at the station, Rares who work at the university and would be my colleague.

We went to my new home for the next three months. Once arrive there I saw my room clean and was not large, but it was enough for me: a bed to sleep in that was because I was very tired from the road (23 hours bus + 2 hours by train), an office where I was able to sit and write my knowledge’s on paper, a closet where I put my clothes and a shelf for other things. For a single person is more than enough to have their own room, their own privacy.

The next day it was time to exploit and to discover interesting things and meet new people that were going to be my second family for the next three months (and friends for life). The first day I met with my professor: Prof Köhler a model professor: open, warm, and he will help you and understand any problem (a wonderful man). I met my colleagues Daniel and Natasha that for 3 months I have shared both good and bad and we remained good friends. I also met staff from the International Office: welcoming and warm people and they make you feel at home.

For 3 months I made experiments on green roofs on university buildings (that's why I chose to come to Germany), I helped the team needed and I researched and learned about green roofs of their research methods. I visited new places along with colleagues and with new friends from the International Office.

You wonder how I did with my language? For one month and a half International Office has provided me the opportunity to learn German. There was a boy from Brazil who was trying to learn German and I said why not I try to learn a bit of German so I went to German courses. There I met Deborah (German teacher), sociable, open and always in a good mood which I liked very much. But most of the time I spoke in English at university with colleagues, professor, everybody, because German language is very hard to learn and need`s time, not only 1 month.

For 3 months I met many people from all over the world: from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Brazil, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Syria, Egypt, Dominican Republic and the people I have remained friends for a life. I lived unforgettable moments with them and to quote a German friend I made "heart pictures" and lived wunderful moments with my soul.

For me these three months have been a dream come true, I saw the new experiences, I lived and tried new things and lived memorable moments that I will cherish in my memory for life. Thanks Germany and thank the people who have been so warm and open heart!

I expect everyone in Romania and I promise I'll be your guide here and you will live an unforgettable experience, as I live in Germany.

Thousands of hugs and kisses to all my friends form everywhere. Mihaela