A sympathetic ear

Psychosocial counselling by students for students

How are you doing?

Is something on your mind? What is on your mind so much that you need to get it out of your system? Do you feel stressed? Do you need a sorting of your thoughts? Or could it be, that you just need a sympathetic ear? If these things are the case, we are here for you from now on!

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What is A sympathetic ear?

  • A cost-free counselling service (online or face-to-face) offered by students of the master's program in Psychosocial Counselling for all students of the University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg - regardless of their department, age, gender or ideology - for personal matters, psychosocial worries and problems or related to study-related questions of as well as the simple wish to exchange experiences.
  • The goal is to use the potential of psychosocial support available at our university and to be able to offer students a safe and reliable network of help in dealing with questions and problems of various kinds, especially in times of crisis, as a supplement to the existing study advisory service and psychological support.
  • All counsellors work based on a professional standard: value-free & appreciative, thematically open & individual oriented, with the aim of helping students to help themselves. The compliance of confidentiality is guaranteed, and the consultation can take place anonymously if desired.
  • Background support is offered by Kristine Waack, the practice coordinator in the psychosocial counselling program, i.e. in organisation and supervision
  • The consultants are Alena Beisner, Anna gerstner, Miriam Klar and Anna Balzer.

**This offer cannot replace a possibly necessary psychotherapy**