External access from home office

for members of the University of Applied Sciences


For institutional access

Some providers allow external access via Shibboleth, this also works on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). You do not need this access if you are in the campus network or if you are logged in with the VPN client (see below).

Browse and research

Access to platforms or databases

Select Shibboleth as the login option for the institutional access of the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences and enter your university ID in the following window.

Shibboleth logins currently available:

Catalog research

Starting from the library catalog, you can open a single e-book using Shibboleth

This currently applies to the e-books at Springerlink and on the Content Select platform, which you can recognize by the URL that leads to the e-book.

  1. Open the link in the catalog that leads to the e-book.
  2. Select the login function on the e-book platform (top right).
  3. Search for Shibboleth access on the following page and select the HS Neubrandenburg institution here.
  4. In the next step, enter your university internet ID.


Almost ALL of the digital media in the university library can be reached at home with the VPN Client.

For the PC or laptop only. There is currently no app available for mobile end devices.


VPN Client

Heike Lebert
Raum 105 - Haus 1
+49 0395 5693 - 1501
+49 0395 5693 - 71501

Read more important informations

Why do we need the VPN external access?

Installation of the CISCO VPN Client

  1. Depending on your operating system, select the right installation file to download (see above). The download will start following log-in with your university ID. (Alternative: Use the link to the university portal).
  2. Save the file to your PC.
  3. On your PC, open the file you have just saved: this will launch the installation.
  4. Then call up the CISCO program (icon: greyish-blue sphere). The CISCO log-in window will feature this link: vpn-biboneu.hs-nb.de/ac
  5. In the following log-in window, enter the university ID you have received from the data centre.

Are you receiving an error message?

Tip: if you experience problems using the Cisco Client, it may be necessary to temporarily deactivate your virus protection program.

University members can download SOPHOS in the portal. We recommend the use of this security software, because other programs are often not compatible with the Cisco client.


Write us if there are problems with the vpn-client. We will contact you.

Please observe the following information:

Why do we need the VPN external access?

The access control of the publishing houses is not via university members but rather via the University of Applied Sciences site. Following installation of the Cisco AnyConnect Client, the external access will relocate you virtually to the University of Applied Sciences – from your home office, you will be able to access the electronic resources of the University of Applied Sciences’ library.

This includes the full texts of the e-books in the library catalogue, our databases in the DBIS and the Electronic Journals Library (EZB) featuring numerous e-journals. 

I DON’T need an external access in the University of Applied Sciences’ network:

All electronic resources are fully available as part of the licences.

  • In the library
  • In the study
  • In the halls
  • In the University of Applied Sciences (all university buildings)
  • With Internet access via Eduroam


You need to log in via VPN.

  • I am online via an external Internet provider and not in the University of Applied Sciences’ network.
  • I am not on the campus.



The service is subject to licencing conditions.


Please note: for licencing reasons, the Juris and Beck Online databases are not available via the external access. At SpringerLink, there are preview hits with a yellow lock which are currently not (yet) available as a full text on the campus with our licence.

Technical information

During your session, ALL data will be routed via the University of Applied Sciences access. For this reason, only use this connection during your research. Once you have finished, log out of this connection and work via your Internet connection as usual.

Should you receive a certificate error when trying to connect, you can find all the certificates you need here.

Also set your security software such that the Cisco Client cannot be blocked: otherwise, it won’t be possible to establish a connection.



Non-members of the University of Applied Sciences

  • The VPN Client belonging to Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences is not available to non-members of the university.
  • Guests from other institutes participating in this service can log in to the campus network via Eduroam from their own PC. Then they can access the electronic media of the University of Applied Sciences from their own PC on site.
  • Independent of this, the electronic resources are publicly available from several research workstations on the premises of the University of Applied Sciences’ library.