Remote Access to E-Media

AnyConnect VPN Client

The publishers' access control is carried out via the university location. The AnyConnect VPN client puts you virtually into the campus network, so you have external access to the e-media (e-books, e-journals, databases) of the university library.



  1. You need your own internet connection (not the university's WLAN).
  2. The download will start following log-in with your university ID, follow the installation instructions.
  3. Save the file to your PC.
  4. On your PC, open the file you have just saved: this will launch the installation.
  5. Then call up the AnyConnect (Cisco) program. The log-in window will feature this link:
  6. In the following log-in window, enter the university ID.

Are you receiving an error message?

For WIN10 users:

If you have installed other security software instead of Windows Firewall and Defender, this may prevent successful VPN access and would have to be deactivated while using the VPN.



VPN / Shibboleth

Heike Lebert
Raum 105 - Haus 1
+49 0395 5693-1500


You can also use AnyConnect on mobile devices.

Application Tipps

  • Use our catalogs and databases for your research. A free search (Google) can lead to disruptions when accessing electronic full texts via the VPN connection.
  • The activated vpn client changes the browser usement.
  • During your session, ALL data will be passed through the university access. Use this connection only during your research.