Equipment & Technology

Self service: loan and return

Taking out media yourself

A self-service machine, located in the lending area, can be used throughout the Library’s opening hours. This allows you to take out lots of books by yourself and thus avoid possible queues at the Service Desk.

Before borrowing media, make sure that they are complete (inserts, CDs) and if there are any damages - if necessary, contact the counter.

This does not include books that are marked ‘nicht ausleihbar’ (not for borrowing) - these books can only be borrowed from the Service Desk. Media must still be returned to the Service Desk. If you would like to take out books by yourself, follow the on-screen instructions.

Your Library Card and password, which you use to login to your library account online, are required for using the self-service machines.

You can return media yourself via our intelligent shelf in the entrance area without waiting. Pay attention to the display of the booked returns on the screen.

Interlibrary loans are only taken back at the counter.




Members of the University

Members of the University can use internet workstations at the Library, by logging in with their university account. Electronic literature resources can be accessed from all over campus (also from the halls of residence).

You can login to the campus network using eduroam.

You can also access the University’s Wi-Fi network from the University Library. Questions about configuration will be answered by the Computer Centre.


Unfortunately, there is no other way non-members of the University can carry out free internet searches. The Library has several research PCs that can be used for searching our catalogues and electronic resources.

Our guests from institutions that are part of the DFN Roaming Network can access the campus network via eduroam.

Print, Copy, Scan

Photocopying Service for Students

Students with a University Card can pay for printing, photocopying and scanning at the Photocopying Service’s devices that are dotted all over the University. Detailed information can be found on the Computer Centre’s webpages.


Scans & Printjobs for members of the university


for printing and scanning

Warnings and Problems with Photocopiers/Printers

UAS Neubrandenburg does not provide warranty for printing and photocopying services. Therefore, if any problems or faults occur, please contact the Canon Deutschland University Services GmbH.

For reimbursement of printing costs, please write an email, with a short description of the problem and your bank details, to the following contact person:

Marco Zappe
Mobile: +49 162 1060 773
E-Mail: marco.zappe(at)

Scanning with the Book Scanner

The University Library has been equipped with a Zeutschel zeta book scanner since the beginning of winter semester 2015/16. It is easy to use and the books are not damaged because they are scanned from above. You can digitise printed media up to the size of A3 quickly and save it to your USB stick in the format you require. Approach us with any questions you might have.


There are more than 100 workstations on the Library’s premises.

Lots of these stations are equipped with PCs. Guests can use the Library’s research PCs. You can only use the internet PCs with a login dialogue if you have a university account.

Children’s Corner

A children’s corner with children’s books and colouring pencils was created on the 15th January 2011 as part of the basic certificate for the ‘Family-Friendly University Audit’.

This gives the children of our library users something to do whilst their parents are looking for literature.


The Library provides lockers for the safe storage of your bags and rucksacks.

Locker keys can be attained from the Service Desk. Your Library Card/University Card will be used as a deposit.