Dual Course of Nursing Science/Nursing Management

The Dual Programme combines our Bachelor Programme Nursing Science/Nursing Management and a vocational qualification in healthcare and nursing or aged car.

Professional Certification and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), nine semester. 

The Nursing Science/Nursing Management course qualifies students for middle and upper management roles and executive tasks in all types of healthcare facilities. Across a range of different nursing sectors, there are jobs available in controlling, quality management and adult education. Graduates from this course also carry out tasks such as advising nursing staff and affected persons, coaching management staff or providing independent expert opinions.

The dual Bachelor’s degree Nursing Science/Nursing Management has been offered at the University in the Faculty of Health, Nursing, Management since 2005. In four and a half years, the students can acquire a vocational qualification in healthcare and nursing or aged care while at the same time studying an academic degree Bachelor of Science (Nursing and Administration). Implementing the course concept is possible thanks to the successful collaboration between the Faculty and the vocational school at the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Klinikum as well as our collaborative partnerships, both new and well established, in the area of practical nursing training.

Studying and living in Neubrandenburg

Studying and living in Neubrandenburg