We impart to our students not only a well-founded specialist education but also provide them with intercultural expertise and international experiences. Once they graduate, they will be well prepared to take their first steps in their chosen professions and will be easily able to find their bearings amongst internationally oriented knowledge networks and professional environments. The Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences has therefore made its goal to internationalise its research, teaching and knowledge transfer and to design its university campus as an international space that allows room for international encounters and intercultural exchange. 

The Staff Unit supports the University in its strategic management of internationalisation and provides the necessary cross-university services for respective activities within the departments. The focus of its activities includes:

  • Developing the internationalisation strategy together with University management and the departments
  • Coordinating the implementation of the internationalisation strategy in the administrative units and the departments
  • Collaborating with international partner universities
  • Developing and implementing measures to internationalise courses and teaching and to facilitate the international mobility of the University members
  • Provide advice and support to the departments for internationalisation activities
  • Provide advice and support to the International Office as it expands its consultancy and support services
  • Obtain and administer third-party funding 

 Internationalisation Strategy 2020-2025 <en>

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