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Social Work (B.A.)

Practical placement and graduate exchange

This course of study, the purpose of which is to prepare students to act independently in social work or social education work, offers all the benefits of pursuing both a practical and academic path to a field of professional activity, which provides a great deal of variety. Graduates find employment in many different social institutions, government agencies, services, projects, initiatives. They will work, depending on their position, in supervisory or supportive roles, as well as in an administrative, organizing, coordinating, or training capacity. The course is structured into a three semester period of foundation studies, followed by three additional semesters devoted to increasing the students‘ competence and building on key areas (social work with children, young people, and the elderly; health, sickness, and disability; social problem areas, social services). Two extensive practical placement modules ensure that the theoretical course units are practically applied within the various areas of social work at all times.

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Early Education (B.A.)

The Early Education course of studys prepares students to work with children (and their parents) at child day-care center. The aim of the course is to prepare students for the economic and practical requirements in early education. Through this course students will develop comprehensive professional skills enabling them to take on educational, developmental, and care tasks for girls and boys aged 0 - 10 in a targeted manner with a high degree of personal commitment. The ability to recognise, interpret, and systematically document the educational development of children is central to this. Extensive work-experience placements at childcare day-care-center and primary schools are an integral element of the course and ensure a close
correlation between theory and practice.
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Social Work – Social Scienes, Project Planning and Development

Students presenting aesthetic projects

This research-oriented Masters course of study teaches the theoretical and methodological know ledge required to conduct independent research in the field of social work. Graduates of the Masters course will have knowledge and understanding, which builds on and significantly extends and expands the knowledge.and understanding obtained in the Bachelors degree. They are able to define and interpret the particular features, limitations, terminology and academic opinions within their field of study and use their own research as a basis for the further development of these. They will also have learned to address the challenges of exercising a management function. They will be able to adopt the institutional perspective (in terms of employment) and be able to plan practical projects in an independent manner, acquire the necessary funding for such projects, and steer and manage the implementation of the project. They are qualified to draw up evaluation designs for the purposes of academic evaluation of the project progress or are themselves in a position to carry out such evaluation.

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Counselling (B.A.)

Seminar in the counselling laboratory

There is strong evidence to suggest that, in virtually every area of life, the demand for counselling for individuals, couples, families, and organisations has been increasing for a considerable time. In many areas, therefore, Counselling has come to be one of the central forms of professional psycho-social assistance. The practice-oriented Masters course in Counselling provides a higher education course of training that delivers a high-quality theoretical approach and an equally strong practical basis. The course is aimed at students looking to work in the area of counselling.

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