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Faculty of Landscape Sciences and Geomatics

Landscape Architecture (B. Sc.)

The course of study in Landscape Architecture deals with the use, protection, and safeguarding of open areas and landscapes, the designing of playgrounds and city squares, parks, and gardens, as well as the reconstruction of historic parks. Garden planning and landscaping provide substantial employment opportunities after students have completed their studies, for example the construction of playgrounds and sports fields, landscaped roofs and facades, but also the constructions of swimming pools, and bathing ponds. The course of study provides students with the natural and social scientific, planning, and artistic bases for their later profession. Great emphasis is placed on students’ abilities to work as a team, and to work in an interdisciplinary, independent, and academic manner. Graduates are expected to have a high degree of awareness for social and planning-related problems, and to be able to independently make and implement professional decisions. All activities relating to landscape architecture require a basic understanding of ecology, especially with regard to biotope and species protection issues. 

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