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Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Agriculture (B.Sc.) and (M.Sc.)

The concepts for the courses in Agriculture are, on the one hand, geared towards educating generalists (Bachelor of Science) and, on the other, offer specialisations in agricultural economics and/or quality and quality assurance (Master of Science). Accordingly, the curriculum ranges from modern production technology and the application of management and marketing concepts to the consideration of the ecological effects of land cultivation.
In contrast to most other agriculture programmes in Germany, the Bachelor of Science does not offer any specialisation opportunities. In addition to the compulsory classes, students are free to choose elective classes from a list of options in accordance with their personal interests. Intensive student advisory services enable students to develop a profile that meets with the requirements of the employment market. The area surrounding Neubrandenburg is very agricultural, and the combination of modern company structures, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and test field provide the best conditions for this particular field of studies.

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